Rajasthani Looks Sling Bags For Female (RJHBG103PINK)

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Product Code : RJHBG103PINK

Rajasthani looks Sling Bags


Product Details

Colour :- PINK

Model Code :- RJHBG103PINK

Height :- 27 CM

Leanth :- 25 CM

Meterial Type :- Tribal Fabrics

Number of Compartrment :- 2

Category of Uses :- Female

This beautiful bag is made with an amazing piece of fabric woven by the Banjara tribes of Rajasthan (North India). The Banjara tribes live in the North of India and they make the best quality embroidery in the World. Their culture reflects perfectly in their art. This large one-of-a-kind hobo carryall has been expertly pieced together from a selection of rainbow bright vintage fabrics from India. Each bag is embroidered and beautifully decorated.Banjara Tribal patchwork Bags & handbags banjara textile A hit with stylists the world over, Gypsy Style has shot to cult status overnight.

This Bag is made from hand embroidered Kuchi tribal fabrics which features multi color mirror work, sequins, Beautiful patchwork of colorful hand embroidered work. These multi color cotton shoulder bags are brilliantly embroidered with embroidery strap.On the fabric they carve unique embroidery. We have a wide range of designs and colors of embroidery bags. We use heavy thread count straps which gives you confidence to carry all kinds of stuff you want.

We are the largest manufacturer in the market right now. It's a great bag for carrying everything you need. It features a zippered opening area and has an inside zippered pocket. 

Product Warranty :- 3 Months

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